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Brand Guidelines

The Nabors brand is associated with all operations of the company, with the application of our logo to all communication elements from stationery to uniforms to vehicles. Adhering to the logo standards set forth here will ensure the proper and consistent use of both the corporate and subsidiary logos. Every employee plays an important role in upholding these standards and promoting a unified and professional image to our customers worldwide.

Trademark Guidelines

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, name, symbol or any combination of these which is used to identify Nabors’ products and distinguish them from similar products sold by other companies. A trademark is a word, logo or marking that identifies a product as to its owner. It is the trademark to which reputation, quality and goodwill attach. A trademark performs this function whether or not a buyer knows the real name of a product's maker. For example, the PACE® trademark notifies others that the rigs branded with such trademark come from the owners of the PACE® trademark.

Following the “ACID” test will ensure proper use:

  • Adjective
  • Consistent
  • Identification
  • Distinctive


  1. Trademarks should be used as proper adjectives that qualify a generic noun that defines a product. For example, use the Nabors’ trademark together with the generic name of the product. (e.g. PACE® rig).
  2. Never use a trademark as a common noun by using a plural form (e.g. PACES®) or a possessive form (PACE’S®).
  3. Never use a trademark as a verb. For example, using the word "xerox" as a verb (to copy something) lessens the value of the term as a trademark.


  1. Marks should be represented the same way each time (consistency in use).
  2. Always give Nabors’ trademarks distinctive graphic treatment, even in ordinary memos. Capitalize them completely or use initial caps with quotes or, as an absolute minimum, use initial caps.
  3. Be careful about spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Do not hyphenate a trademark (unless a hyphen is part of the mark) and do not split a trademark in any way (such as showing it on separate lines)


  1. The use of “®" symbol is required for registered marks (e.g. PACE® rig).
  2. Use the symbol must be accompanied by a statement (usually at the bottom of the page) that the mark "is a registered trademark of this Nabors Industries Ltd."
  3. Trademark notices should be used in all promotional, advertisement and graphic media.


  1. Trademarks should be displayed in a different font, all caps, or in italics to distinguish them from surrounding text (e.g. PACE®).
  2. The generic noun that identifies the product or service should immediately be used after the trademark name (e.g. PACE® rig).
  3. Additional emphasis can be given to trademarks by using the word “brand” after the mark (e.g. PACE® rig brand).

Should a specific need arise that does not appear within this website, please email Corporate Development for guidance.