Nabors Industries, Ltd. Corporate Identity Standards Download Standards Manual


With employees around the world representing our Company through the use of on-screen presentations, it is particularly important that we adhere to a consistent format. To ensure uniform communication of the Nabors brand and message, a Nabors' PowerPoint template has been created for general company-wide use.

Always use the Nabors’ General PPT template for company presentations. The design has established font styles, sizes and colors, as well as embedded photos. There are four text slide layout options to choose from (with either vertical photos on the right side or a block of four photos on the top right). You may alternate the text slide layouts that you use, to add variety to your presentation. A text slide is also available with no photos, for maximizing the space for more content. Chart examples are also included. Please use the color palette established in the template when creating charts.

In addition, the following are available for downloading:

  • Map Slides
  • Mission Zero Slides

These slides can be downloaded and then inserted into your presentations, where appropriate.

Presentations’ “DOs and DON’Ts”

Do submit presentations to the Law Department for proper review and approval via email to
Do ensure novel ideas are reviewed by the Law Department to determine if a patent application has been filed or is warranted.
Do use ® for registered trademarks and TM for non-registered trademarks. See the Law Department for assistance.

Don’t use client data without written consent.
Don’t disclose confidential information.
Don’t disclose trade secrets or other proprietary information.
Don’t abbreviate product or service names.