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Email Signature
Nabors email signatures are to be standardized as shown below. Both versions shown should be set up in your email program signatures to match this standard. Once configured, select the appropriate version based on your recipient. Most often, the short version is preferred, unless including the subsidiary name and address information will be helpful to your recipient.

Short email signature (no address)


Long email signature (includes legal subsidiary name, department and address)

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Typesetting Specifications

Font: Arial Regular, Arial Italic (title only in italic) and Arial Bold (name and subsidiary name only in bold) as shown above

Size/Case: 9 point; upper and lower case except subsidiary name is all caps

Alignment: Flush left

Color: Black

  • the use of your middle initial is optional
  • do not abbreviate your title
  • the company name must be the full legal name, typeset in all caps
  • include phone number extension if there is no direct line; the use of your mobile or fax number is optional
  • use periods within phone numbers, rather than dashes; do not use parenthesis
  • to separate contact numbers, use a vertical bar slash with 3 spaces before and after the bar slash
  • keep your e-mail address within the signature (some e-mail applications show only the nickname in the “From” field and will drop off the sender’s actual email address); this ensures your recipients will have it in the body of the message
  • do not change the color of the text; use black only
  • do not add any additional graphics or text to the signature, such as logos, quotes or personal mottos

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Correct Email Signature Examples

The following are examples of correct usage of the Nabors email signature.

Short email signature using direct, mobile and fax numbers:


Long email signature using main number with extension and fax number:

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Incorrect Email Signature Examples

The following are examples of incorrect usage of the Nabors email signature.

Do not change the color of the text:

Do not change the type size or typeface.

Do not add a quote to the signature.

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Adding Your E-Colors Graphic to Your Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook

1) Open Microsoft Outlook and select "New Message" 2) Click on the "Signature" button and the "Signature and Stationery" window pane should open. Select the options you would like the signature to apply to.
3) Click the "New" button to begin creating a new Signature. Name the signature in the "Type a name for the signature" box and then click "OK." 4) Type in your Signature Information per applicable standards.
5) Download the E-Colors Oval graphic that applies to you. 6) Open the Oval Graphic once it has been downloaded to your PC. Copy it to your clipboard by pressing "Ctrl" and "C." Then navigate to the text area below your new signature and paste the graphic in place by pressing "Ctrl" and "V."

Download Oval Graphics

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